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Our History

For more than thirty years, a spirit-led message has flowed through Pastoral Reflections, a weekly radio program reflecting on the Liturgy of the Word for each Sunday. Listeners awaken to God’s presence in their lives and in their hearts as they identify with Monsignor Don’s journey of self-discovery. It’s a message rooted in the recognition that as believers we are called to accept our imperfect human condition and its perfect complement, the indwelling presence of a loving God. As one who longs to see, Msgr. Don has always looked for the story within the story, the subtle teachings of Christ which go beyond telling us what to do or what to believe, healing and transforming us. As one listener wrote, “He speaks not about the truth, rather his words resonate with the Truth”. Many who listen are moved to bring this healing resonance of God’s love into the world and to live an authentic life of service in Christ.

Shortly before retiring from active parish ministry in the spring of 2010, Monsignor Don formed a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, Pastoral Reflections Institute. The Institute funds the production cost of the radio ministry and enables Monsignor to do much more: workshops, lecture series, retreats, and pilgrimages give participants the opportunity to deepen and enrich their understanding of their spiritual journey on earth.

Monsignor Don welcomes you to becoming partners with him in this ministry through your prayers and financial support..

Monsignor Don

My work is grounded in the ancient wisdom of the Judeo-Christian tradition, which has been nurtured in me through my Catholic faith. After 50 years as a priest, and seeking what is at the core of God’s message, two things stand out: the simple fact that God is a lover, and that he loves us first. We can never merit his love nor can it be taken from us. And because his love is not just an affectionate feeling but rather a passionate longing to enter into us and dwell in us, our primary task is to allow him to enter “under our roof.” Our minds resist such intimacy, but our hearts long for it.

When he enters, without judgment, he opens for us the joyful and sometimes unfamiliar experience of unmerited love. This love is his healing spirit living in us, overflowing “like living water” into all the people who we love. This experience of being a vessel of God’s healing presence becomes our “daily bread”. It awakens hope which is the conviction that, “all is well and all will be well”, and that we are loved, we are safe, and we have a purpose. We feel alive, there is excitement, enthusiasm, and there are miracles.

Our Mission

Dedicated to awakening the indwelling presence of God in our hearts

Our Vision

To share the power and richness of a spiritual life based on the teaching of Jesus Christ, who won for us the possibility an intimate union with God

Board of Directors

o Monsignor Don Fischer, President
o Michael Wilhite, Chairman
o Theresa Dillard
o Libby Fischer Osborne
o Dan Flaherty
o Dr. Nancy Marcus
o Sarah Perot
o Terry Scott
o Dr. Gail Thomas
o Tim Wallace

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