Our Ministries

In our ministries, Pastoral Reflections Institute strives to support men and women of all faiths who are seeking a spiritual life based in the Truth revealed by God.


Radio & Homilies

Airing at 10 AM on Sunday morning on WRR 101.1 FM, the radio program is an integral part of Pastoral Reflections Institute’s dedication to awakening the indwelling presence of God in everyone.

Pilgrimages to Tuscany

For thirty years Msgr. Don has made an annual trip to Tuscany, and in his retirement has found great joy in sharing it with others through his pilgrimage retreats that he leads twice a year in the spring and fall.


Retreats & Seminars

Msgr. Don is passionate about creating experiences that instill this peace and seeks places of beauty and tranquility where he can delve more deeply into the insights that he shares in his homilies on our weekly radio program.

Annual Lecture Series

In 2015, Pastoral Reflections Institute inaugurated Annual Lecture Series. Its mission is to bring spiritual leaders from around the world to share their wisdom and insights with the people in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.