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About Our Pilgrimages

A pilgrimage is a life-changing and enriching journey that takes people to spiritually rich and significant places to encounter the sacred.

But this is more than a pilgrimage; it is also a retreat. A retreat requires a separation from the ordinary routine to enter a time of greater openness and reflection. A retreat offers time for meditation, the celebration of Mass, and morning talks.

But unlike most retreats, this is not a private experience, nor is it focused on austerity or silence. Rather, it is profoundly communal and celebratory. Pilgrims are encouraged to experience the beauty of the Tuscan countryside, its rich history, its art and music, to dine at fine restaurants, and to sip coffee in historical piazza’s.

One request I make is that each pilgrim choose someone they have been close to who has died, and ask that person to accompany them on the pilgrimage. These special guests are introduced to the group and become an important part of our time together. The effect of this experience for each pilgrim remains mysterious. But one thing is clear, the experience is life-changing.

Come, join us.

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Upcoming Pilgrimage Retreats

I have been leading pilgrimages in Tuscany for 17 years and invite you to join me in these three places of unique and powerful spiritual presence: The Chapel of the Sacred Corporal in Orvieto, the city of Assisi, and the Monastery of La Verna where St. Francis received the stigmata. Come and see what life-changing experience awaits you…